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Div height after page load using jQuery
Every time we start exploring new things, we get new tips and tricks to do the work. I am looking for the solution to get height of Div but after load the page, after so many hit and trial I got the solution, may be and of course some other solutions also there to do […]

Responsive Web Design: How to use it
Using the Responsive Web Design you can manage the Images and Content compatible with user's screen resolution, behavior, platform and orientation. As a user switches from their mobile to iPad or Laptop, the website should adjust the screen size, images size and content too. In simple word responsive web design uses the flexible grids, CSS media queries, flexible images and layouts to fit the screen.

jQuery Manu and CSS3 menu Navigation
This is the second part of our the best CSS3 Menu and jQuery Menu Navigation around the web. Here we have added jquery and CSS3 based menu includes Animated drop-down menu, multi level menu, Fancy Sliding Menu, Horizontal and Vertical Navigation and more new css3 and jquery style menu.

Best of jQuery Slider and image slideshow plugin
We gather the versatile and sleek jQuery Slider and image Slideshow Plugin around the web to ease you search. Designer and developers can easily add in their website to increase the usability of website.

Best CSS3 Menu and jQuery Menu Navigation
Get the best CSS3 Menu and jQuery Menu Navigation to add the beauty to web design and make more interactive and increase the useability.

web Hosting Web server
Web Hosting provide you the space which is use to make your online existence. You can use this space to keep your Web page www i.e. World Wide Web, many hosting options are available from expensive commercial web hosts to free web hosts.

Get Started with HTML 5 website
HTML5 is a new and improved next generation of HTML, it is the fifth revision of the HTML standard. Web has made lot of changes after it's previous version of HTML and HTML 4.01 Work on HTML5 is still in progress, HTML 5 adds so many new feature that enable developers to create apps and websites with the functionality, speed and performance.

jQuery to show/hide divs using radio button
Using the jQuery to show or hide the divs using the radio buttons

PHP Image Gallery
Have a look on good php image gallery scripts

PHP Scripts replace string str_replace()
PHP Scripts replace string function str_replace() This is a very good option to replace the word or string in string or text area, and very easy to handle the string.