Flash Scripts is used to add animation, video, and interactivity to Web pages. Flash has an Object-oriented language as ActionScript. Advance Scripts has huge list of Fla, Flash Component, Flash menu and flash tutorials
  • flash video and audio player Jaris

    Jaris is a flash video and audio player developed in haxe that can be used freely. It's open source and has the most important basic features found in other commercial players...

  • Flash component Shine Effect

    Shine Effect is a Flash component that allows you to apply a moving shine animation to any object on the Stage (text, image, MovieClip etc). It is a simple and lightweight component. All parameters are adjusted via the Component Inspector. No ActionScript skills required. ..

  • Tags Cloud 3d + XML

    Features: +easy to use. Does not require flash program or any AS knowledge +full xml support (optional) +jpg, png, gif, swf icons from external files or flash library +a lot of available parameters (see playground) +adjustable 3D perspective +10 predefined templates +user-defined templates ability +adjustable sensitivity +keyboard control +smooth transition effect +adjustable colors, sizes, font +fog effect +Z-sorting ..

  • Parallax Creator

    Parallax component will breathe the new life into your files. It can be used to create amazing presentations, eye-catching banners and headers and for many many moreā¦ Features: +drag-and-drop component +xml support (optional) +inverted parallax support +auto-focus on mouse click or move +easing support +adjustable X and Y sensitivity +auto-rescale support +buttons and animation support ..

  • Light Studio

    Features: +supports XML settings +supports photometric IES data format +predefined light profiles +switch on/off ability with transitions +more then 15 adjastable parameters ..